ADHD Parent Fostering
ADHD Parent Fostering


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Parenting a child, any child, is a difficult task to begin with. But when you have a child with ADHD, you are parenting a child who has greater demands, needs more involvement, and requires greater patience and understanding by the parent. This course will cover what ADHD is, what the signs are, how it is diagnosed, and how you can parent a child with ADHD to the very best of your ability. The learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  1. To know what ADHD is
  2. To know what the signs of ADHD are
  3. To know how ADHD is diagnosed
  4. To understand parenting a child with ADHD

This course meets the Training, Support, and Development Standards as outlined in The Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011.

Should you have 5 or more learners requiring this training please consider the face to face option we offer.

Should you wish to discuss your needs before making a booking, please call 0800 774 7874

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